About Me

I’m a business analyst, marketing manager, and creative professional based in Houston, Texas.

I perform business analysis and conceptual solution design of medium/large, moderately/highly complex IT projects and drive the adoption of shared business analysis principles, processes, and methodologies while motivating teams of software developers to exceed their goals.

In 2010 I started a fundraising campaign and successfully turned it into the volunteer-based nonprofit organization Save Infants. Our team effort paid off, most significantly with a $100K grant from Samsung Electronics received in 2014.

I have a strong passion for collaborating with others and work hard to build team spirit and a feeling of value for every member of my team. I am a motivational leader; I like to inspire my team with a shared vision of the future. I’m also approachable; I think it’s critical to be visible and accessible to my team, so I make sure to communicate regularly with them and invite their support.

In addition to my business analysis and management expertise, I utilize my background as a fine artist and graphic designer to integrate creative solutions to concept development, research, and analysis that consistently promote mission and brand. I count my attention to detail among my most valuable assets, and I strive to continually learn what’s new in all things marketing/management-related.

In my free time, I enjoy working out, reading, and traveling with my family to experience new environments, food, and different ways of living.

My Competencies

Analytical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Establishing Focus
Providing Motivational Support
Empowering Others
Interpersonal Awareness
Building Collaborative Relationships

My Belief

I do believe in kindness and compassion. I do believe in taking care of each other.